On Shoegazing, Breakthru Radio, New York Gazers, and The Deli Magazine

This Tuesday we were featured on DJ Mojo's weekly podcast on Breakthru Radio.  It's a track you've probably heard before ("Niagara," which is available on just about every page of Oceanographer's entire web presence at the moment), but Mojo has some very warm things to say about us and we're alongside some other really great music, so we thought we'd point you in the direction of this podcast.  Thanks, Mojo!

Also, I just became aware that New York Gazers, a new Facebook group, recently started up and is putting together information about New York City shoegaze bands, live performances and events, and anything that combines shoegaze and our grand City.  It's in fledgling form, but I'd love to see it succeed, so please follow the link and "like" it!

And lastly, at the direction of New York Gazers I stumbled across this page on The Deli Magazine's New York City music scene blog.  It's a list of New York area shoegaze bands, compiled in order of either "Web Buzz" or "Popularity," ranked automatically according to what I'm sure is an arcane and totally accurate algorithm.  We were surprised to find ourselves ranked at 27 and 28 (respectively) out of 55, and in fact we're thankful to be included at all.  Who'd have thought?

And a small word about that whole shoegaze thing: I'm aware that for a couple of reasons our music doesn't exactly fit into the specifications of the genre.  The vocals are not effects-laden or buried in the mix.  You can understand (most of) the lyrics.  The song structures are a little out-of-the-ordinary for the genre.  We have at least a little bit of stage presence.  All the same I've always used the word to describe our music because we do use a lot of guitar pedals and soundscapes and we focus a lot on texture.  OK.  Glad we straightened that out.

So... check out our new show listings, have a good week, and I hope we see you soon!