New Album / Release Party / New Website

New Album Spilling Blood available now

If it seems like we've been announcing a forthcoming album that's "just around the corner" every few months for the last several years it's because we have.  I think initial studio sessions for what became Spilling Blood started nearly three years ago, and these projects always seem like they're almost done at nearly every step of the process.  In the end it's good news that it took so long— we kept scrapping what we had in favor of newer, better songs, and we held out over and over again to perfect things that were important to us so we could give you something we're truly proud of.  I'm confident in saying this is our best studio output to date, and I think listening will bear that out.

We recorded Spilling Blood at long-standing staple of NYC's Lower East Side Eastside Sound.  It was engineered and mixed by our own Eric Elterman and mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk.  Full credits (and album art details) can be found here.

As much as we'd love to we aren't doing a physical release of Spilling Blood at this time.  If all goes as planned it will come out on vinyl someday, but that's expensive and we have NYC rent to pay.  In the meantime look to the right sidebar of this email or purchase from the links at the bottom of this page.

That said, we will be giving away lots of free downloads to our friends and fans, and there are more ways than I can count to get a free copy.  Everyone on this email list will get a free download very soon, for instance.  As will all of our Twitter followers.  By purchasing a download you are not just getting music you could listen to free otherwise; you're supporting the band, and we do need support to keep doing what we're doing.  Making a purchase through Bandcamp is the biggest financial help to us.  And if you must listen to us for free, please do so through Spotify— each listen gives us one thousandth of a penny!

Spilling Blood release party

We'll be celebrating our new album in style with friendsAppomattoxThe Archive and Monuments at NYC's The Bowery Electric this Saturday, October 13th.  Everyone that pays to get in gets a free download code on a 4.75" x 4.75" copy of the album art and credits.  We'll also have brand new T shirts for sale— gorgeous high-quality apparel designed by Jezebel Stationery.  These shirts will not be available for sale anywhere else until the following week.

RSVP via Facebook.  Buy tickets here.

New website and newsletter format

We have a brand new home on the Internet, and you're on it right this second.  Pretty, huh?

We also have a new newsletter format.  You should subscribe to our newsletter here.

Why?  There's more ways now than ever to connect with an audience, and we understand that it's easier to "Like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter than it is to receive our newsletter.  If you sign up for emails, we'll make extra special content that will only be available to you, our email subscribers.  You'll be the first to get offers on new Oceanographer stuff.  We'll also send you videos and streams made specifically for you.