Sorry for the radio silence

NEWS!  Lot's of things are actually happening with Oceanographer and we've just been really bad about letting you know about it.

FIRST off, we did an interview with Aaron Miguel Santos of Blaqbook, who also reviewed the last show we played.  It was a lot of fun for all involved in both instances.

SECOND.  We're nearing the end phase of recording our next record.  This is kind of a big deal.  Over three years ago we started writing new material with this end goal in mind, and in that time we've changed band members, dropped songs, written new ones, completely reworked old ones, recorded all of them at least three times, and we still don't know what we're going to call the record.  But either way, we're in the last phase before final mixing, and that's exciting news for everyone.

ANYWAY.  It's been a crazy several months for everyone involved.  Oceanographer played our last show with Ryan, he moved to Texas with his wife and baby,  then Kevin got married and members of Oceanographer and Monuments and Ghost Gamblers and Basement Band and others were all busy rehearsing songs which we played together at his wedding (it was beautiful and I cried), then we've been holed up at East Side Sound working on the upcoming record, I moved apartments, and a distant invisible dark-energy galaxy was found to be colliding with our own.

I hope you can understand why we've been busy and haven't updated our site.  Please forgive us.

SO, we're still on live performance hiatus while we search for a fill-in for Ryan (them some big boots to fill), but in the next couple days (weeks?), I do hope to post some photos of Oceanographer taken by John Durgee in the back of some crazy bus.  I also hope to post some rough mixes of songs on the upcoming record.  So stay posted.  Thanks!