New songs and a show on Friday, November 18th

So we've decided on a title for our forthcoming record (it's called Spilling Blood!) and we thought we'd announce this by bringing out two tracks that will appear on said forthcoming record:  "Doing Just Fine" and "Niagara."  Give them a listen so you have an idea what to expect when Spilling Blood finally gets out.  They're on the song players on the right side of the web site, if you like QuickTime, or you can go to the songs page and download them if you're old fashioned (or you want to keep them forever and put them on your iPod and listen to them all day every day).

In lesser news, we also added a page to the site with reviews and interviews, as well as an archive page and a function to search the whole website, if there should ever arise a reason to do such a thing.

Yeah.  Moving on.  In more important news, we're also playing a show this month.  We'll be appearing at Alphabet Lounge in the East Village with TinVulva and The Handsome Men.  We go on at 9:30PM sharp.  Early show.  Ten dollars.

See ya there!