Perfect Prescription, featuring Oceanographer & Runaway Suns

Paul Dillon (of Silver Rockets) and Julian Woolsey throw a party once a month on Thursdays at Secret Project Robot.  It's called Perfect Prescription, in honor of the second album by space rock pioneers Spacemen 3.  Every month they feature bands of shoegaze, psych and space rock persuasions, and spin records along the same lines between the live sets.

This month, we're playing said party.  Next Thursday.  September 23rd.  With The Runaway Suns.  The poster says CocoNuts is playing as well, although we have reason to believe they won't be able to appear.

Paul was in a number of bands that personally influenced me back in the day (Mercury Rev and Lotus Crown to name two).  Over the last four years I've played as a member in two different incarnations of Silver Rockets, his nebulous project on Vacancy Records.  Being a part of his party this coming Thursday is both an honor and an exciting collaboration with an old friend.

It starts at 9.  I'm not sure where exactly our set falls in the evening, but it shouldn't matter— this is the kind of thing you want to show up to and stay at all night.  I've heard it costs $5?  But that shouldn't matter either— you're going to spend around that much for a two-way trip on the subway, or far more for your first drink.  What's $5 these days?  A pittance.

So if you're going to be near Brooklyn this coming Thursday, do yourself a favor and drop by and see us.  You can't turn up and not have a good time.