Surprise! We're playing a show tomorrow night!

We haven't exactly been keeping it a secret— after all, it's been listed on our web site for over a month.  But I know, I know, you don't obsessively check our shows page to see when we're playing next (but crazy thanks to you if you do).  And we've neglected telling you about it.

We've been busy!  I got a new job with insanely different hours.  Ryan and his wife had a baby!  (Tell Ryan congratulations, everyone!  Her name is Charlotte and she's an adorable angel.)  And we've been working hard preparing to record this next record we've written.  So we're sorry.

But here it is!  We're playing another free show tomorrow night at Rockwood Music Hall, on their second stage (the big room with the plush velvety walls and the balcony and the really big stage).  At 10:30 PM.  That's at 196 Allen St between Houston and Stanton, on our very own Manhattan Island in our very own New York City.  We will again be playing the next album in its entirety, in order, start to finish.

Also, keep a lookout for more shows!  We're playing in Brooklyn next week, again in Manhattan next month, then we're slated to do a string of shows in Williamsburg the end of October through the first half of November.  Stay tuned.

And come on out tomorrow!  We'll see you there?