Did we mention we finished writing our next record?

And we're planning on playing it en entire, as they say in France, this Friday on Stage 2 at Rockwood Music Hall.  Stringing together twelve songs live without forgetting a word or a note takes a lot of work and preparation, believe it or not— actually, a lot more work than recording the final product (which we'll get to soon).

So if you live in the New York City area you can get a preview of what will be coming your way in album form in the next twelve months (fingers crossed) for absolutely free in two days.

If you don't live in the New York City area, we'll have some song downloads up soon from the demo we're hard at work on.

And back to those of you who do.  Here's the hard facts:

Friday, July 2nd
at 11:00PM (sharp!) for free
at Rockwood Music Hall on Stage 2
196 Allen St
New York, NY 10002
on Allen just south of Houston

Hope to see you there!