Oceanographer does Me You Us Them's "Drugs"

Back in February we played a show with one of the other bands Zach plays in— Me You Us Them.  After their set I asked Ian if I could cover one of their songs, a really dreamy beautiful thing called "Drugs."  I don't think Ian believed I'd really do it, but two days later I happened to be in the studio with Eric and I laid down an acoustic version of his song, then layered some background vocals over the second verse and chorus.  Over the following week Eric did some really great viola work on it, mixed it down and sent it back to me.  I've been talking with Ian about what we should do with it, and we both agreed we should just give it out.  Hopefully this way I can help promote their fantastic full length that came out a few months ago, Post Data.  Sorry I'm just getting around to this now.

So here is my version with Eric of Me You Us Them's "Drugs"

And you can hear the original version on Me You Us Them's Myspace music player.  Please feel free to pass this among your friends, so long as you leave Me You Us Them in the "Composer" part of the meta-titles, and give full credit to them.  They deserve it; they wrote the song.

In other news, I got the anonymous commenting on the home web page working properly.  Sorry to all of you who left comments to our posts over the last several months and never saw them approved.  They're all there now, and things are working correctly so if you want to comment on this or any other post, feel free.

And don't forget we're playing at Rockwood Music Hall again.  This time we're playing the second stage, on a Friday night (July 2nd) at 11PM.  And this time is, again, free.

I hope you enjoy the song, and I hope to see you at Rockwood.