Sunday the 30th at Rockwood!

Next Sunday we're playing a free show at Rockwood Music Hall.  Rockwood is a cute little performing space on Allen St. just below Houston.  We have no further shows booked at this time, so there's no telling how soon you'll be able to see us in such an intimate space.  Also, given the small capacity (50 people max), you may want to turn up early if you want to grab a table and watch us in comfort.

Official Details:

Sunday, May 30th at 9pm
at Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St New York, NY 10002


In unrelated news, we've finished writing our third record.  It will be twelve songs long and about 52 minutes.  We're doing some track-by-track pre-production at East Side Sound to hammer out every detail, note, background vocal and drum strike before we go in and track the thing in with all the guts and sweat we can muster.  If I get permission from the rest of Oceanographer I'll post some more tracks from this round of pre-production in the coming weeks.

In even further and farther unrelated news I just updated the background of the website.  Any comments?  Do you dig?  Is it too hard to read?  I like it, I think it looks like a stormy sky at sea.  What it actually is is a picture of Sheepshead Bay from my friend Jesse's sailboat that my girlfriend took last May while we were out sailing on a particularly pretty Sunday afternoon.  I dickied with it quite a bit on Photoshop.  It took some creative CSS work to make it a fixed image on a PC or Mac browser, but tiled on a mobile phone browser.  Anyway.  I hope you enjoy it.

And I hope to see you out at Rockwood next Sunday!