Welcome to the New Website

Happy New Year!

And the New Year brings lots of news for Oceanographer.  Like:  We just launched a new website.  The home page is a journal format, which means anyone can post a comment on our site.  This is to encourage everyone to participate in Oceanographer.  We want you to feel like you're a part of what's going on.

There's also several new photos up, one series of which is us in the practice space.  Which is where we've been for the last several months.  We haven't played out live in a long time, but we have been busy working on new material for a third record

And two of the songs we've been working on are on every page of the new site in a player format that works even on an iPhone.  It's on the right side navigation bar

Speaking of records, our first two records can now be streamed in entirety for free from the store page.  You're welcome.

And speaking of playing out, we just booked our first show in what feels like ages:  We're playing a free show Thursday, February 25th at Coco 66 in Greenpoint (Brooklyn, NY) with Me You Us Them and Good Omens.  We'll be playing all new and unreleased songs.

There you go.  Thanks for listening.