We Play The Knit with Ponyhof; OhMyRockness Gives Away Free Tickets To See Us; Eric Fixes My Amp, Impersonates Me

Oceanographer To Play Brooklyn Knitting Factory with friends Ponyhof

So we're playing at The Knitting Factory (the one in Brooklyn) Thursday (May 15th) with our friends in Ponyhof. If that sentence sounds familiar it's because we've played with Ponyhof before. They're kind of an awesome sprawling female-fronted post-rock trip-hoppy thing. We guess. They sound like some of those Massive Attack tunes featuring that one Cocteau Twin. Among other things. We love them, and we're happy we're going to play with them again.

We're kind of stoked to play The Knitting Factory, too. It's around the corner from The Hope Space (that's where we rehearse, record, write songs, plot world domination, practice cross-stitch, etc.) so we can just walk over there with all of our gear. But also The Knitting Factory is a historied institution that's been around since 1987.

Ponyhof made this spaced-out poster. Isn't it pretty?

Ponyhof made this spaced-out poster. Isn't it pretty?

The New York City branch of The Knit currently resides on Metropolitan Ave, where the second incarnation of the Luna Lounge used to be (which is a whole 'nother story in and of itself). Prior to that it was in TriBeCa, and yours truly once worked security there (stamping hands, taking drinks away from minors, all fun stuff). It was at the TriBecA Knit that in 2004 a little band called Oceanographer played their first NYC show after moving to the Big Apple from little ol' Denton, TX. But that is the distant, distant past. And Thursday, May 15th is the future.

Well, for a few more days.

Thursday, May 15th
9pm - Oceanographer
10pm- Ponyhof

The Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Oh My Rockness is Giving Away Free Tickets To The Show

Yeah. That's a cool thing, right? Follow this link, roll the dice, and maybe we'll see you on Thursday without you having to pay a dime.

Eric Fixes My Guitar Amp, Impersonates Me

So my guitar is going to sound especially awesome on Thursday because my amp just came back from the shop and now it can do things I never even knew it could do before. How much did it cost me?

Nothing! Because Eric, out of the kindness of his heart, just walked it down to Southside Guitars and fixed it himself. That's what a nice guy he is. On top of being a talented maniac and handsome devil. When he brought my new-and-improved amp back to The Hope Space he decided to let me know by sending me this video. I thought I'd share it with all of you on the off chance you'd find it amusing.

We hope you find it amusing. And we hope to see you Thursday.

— Jeremy

"Amp is back. I'm not really a guitar player but I tested it out; video attached!" —Eric to me, via email

SPRING! ...means Radio Bushwick, Columbia University, Glasslands and Union Hall!

So we're in New York City and it doesn't feel like arctic death any more. So we thought we'd celebrate by playing a bunch of shows.

First off we're playing this Saturday 4/5/14 at Radio Bushwick, with Spirit Kid, Dead Letters and Two Seconds to Midnight.


Bushwick Daily calls Radio Bushwick "the newest and the most promising addition to Bushwick’s bustling music scene ... Bushwick’s first professional concert hall [it] features a killer sound system, a bar with 12 taps of beer, and its own 24-hour internet streaming radio station." Our drummer Zach popped his head in last week and said it's Brooklyn's very own Mercury Lounge.

Bushwick Daily also put this show as #2 of it's top ten shows to see this weekend. I'm beginning to think we see eye to eye here, Bushwick Daily.

FB RSVP here

Next we're playing at Columbia University for their Live at Lerner Sounds series. It's at high noon at the Alfred Lerner Hall, Wednesday 4/9/14. There's no cover, but for our non-Ivy League fans we're sorry to say that only Columbia staff and students can attend. You gotta have a campus ID to get there.

FB RSVP here

Then Saturday 4/12/14 we're back to Williamsburg at Glasslands. We'll be playing at 10pm, after our good friend Sharif Mekawy with his Sharif Mekawy Group and the inimitably-named Sandwich Droppers.

And our bassist Mark Kelley (also of The Roots) will DJ in between sets and after the show.

Tickets here
FB RSVP here


Lastly (for now) we're heading as far south as we've been for a few years to Union Hall in Park Slope. This is a cozy little venue and it's going to be an intimate time. We're playing with our good friends in Courtesy Tier, alongside The Sound is Fine and Aaron n Brooke.

Tickets here

That's about it for now. Expect new tunes at each of these shows, and we'll have some new content to post to the web soon for those of you who don't live near us. We really do miss you as much as you miss us. Pinky swear.

— Jeremy

Happy New Year! Brooklyn Bowl Thursday!

Friends!  Countrymen!  Fellow World Citizens!

Happy New Year!  We survived another trip around the sun, another twelve-chapter tour of the old calendar, and it's time we can pretend none of the stupid mistakes we made matter and we can feel like we are starting over with a blank slate.

HOORAY!  Now let's start mucking up this whole 2014 business!

Oceanographer is celebrating by playing a bunch of new songs (well, four new songs) at Brooklyn Bowl this Thursday.  These are tunes we've been working on with Mark Kelley, the guy from The Roots we've been telling you about.  And I gotta tell you, he's making some surprising adjustments to our sound.

We'll be playing first, at 8PM, and following us is some of my personal friends in Wild Yaks as well as some crazy guys in a crazy band called Workout.  This line up is really acrobatically jumping all over the map as far as style and sound goes.  So come on out and bowl and listen to some music.  We play at 8PM.



Thursday, January 9, 2014
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11249 (United States) - Map 
Set: 8:00 PM
Doors: 6:00 PM
Tickets: $10 
Buy Now 

And later this month...

...we're playing two weeks from TODAY at The Grand Victory for their second anniversary fête  So keep that on the calendar too.  Details:

Sunday, January 19, 2014
The Grand Victory's 2nd Anniversary Party @ The Grand Victory
245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (United States) - Map 
(347) 529-6610
Set: 7:00 PM 
Doors: 6:00 PM 
Tickets: TBA 

Thanks as always for paying attention to us; we are, after all, desperately lonely and hungrily seeking attention.  See you at some shows coming up soon!

 — Jeremy

Mark Kelley joins full time / Live performance on TV / Live show at The Mercury Lounge

Mark Kelley (of The Roots) joins Oceanographer full time

After spending a month with us, Mark Kelley decided he wanted to make the long term commitment and has joined Oceanographer full time.  We've been working on writing new material with him and he's been taking us in some exciting new sonic directions.  We're hoping to debut some of the brand new tunes when his tour schedule with The Roots settles down and we can do some weekend shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan in August.

That's Mark Kelley on the left.  The handsome one.

That's Mark Kelley on the left.  The handsome one.

Live Performance on the Artie Lange Show, Friday June 5th at 9PM (EDT)

Would you believe we actually made a press release about this, and sent it to real press people?  I'm going to quote it right here:  "Oceanographer will be making their first televised appearance as musical guests on The Artie Lange Show on Friday, June 5th LIVE at 9pm EDT on DIRECTV ch. 239."  If you can't tune in to see it we'll send everyone a link soon where they can watch the video after the fact.


Live *EARLY* show at The Mercury Lounge, Monday June 10th at 6:30PM

We're playing with a great Canadian band called Half Moon Run.  We think they kind of sound like a cross between Band Of Horses, Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear.  They're definitely worth seeing.  We go on at 6:30PM and they go on at 7:30PM.  It's a perfect time for you to cut out of work a tad early, hit the lounge and grab a drink just in time to catch our first song.  Then the show's over in time for you to get home and get a full night's sleep before you wake up to the daily grind all over again.

Just to be safe you should RSVP to the Facebook event here.

And then you should just go ahead and buy advance tickets here.

Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St., New York, NY 10002 (United States) - Map 
(212) 260-4700Set: 6:30 PM 
Doors: 6:30 PM 
Tickets: $10 

Buy Now Also Playing: Half Moon Run (7:30 PM)



And with that, we hope you are having a good transition from spring into summer and we'll see you soon!

— Jeremy


New video! Celebrity guest bassist! Shows!

We made a video!

Eric made a video for one of the songs from our holiday EP using an old Super 8 camera he fixed up.  It's our first video ever, so it marks the launch of our YouTube channel.  Welcome us to last decade.


We have a celebrity guest bassist!

Andy is in India, but we still wanted to play shows so we asked our friend if he could learn seven of our songs and do a couple gigs with us.  That friend is Mark Kelley, of The Legendary Roots Crew.  Yeah.  We're just as excited and dumbfounded as you are.  He'll be playing with us tonight in Brooklyn.  Speaking of that...

We're playing some Brooklyn shows!

We're also playing on Saturday, May 18th at Bar Matchless (also in Brooklyn) but we don't have any more details than that as of yet.  Stay tuned for more dates, some potentially outside the New York City area (!).

Thanks as always for listening, and we'll see you soon!

— Jeremy

'Tis the season! Have a free Oceanographer EP!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Season's Greetings from the members of Oceanographer according the various religious backgrounds our members represent!  To celebrate the time of year everyone seems to celebrate, we made a five-song EP with an old Oceanographer song re-tuned ("Grey Holiday" from On Leaping From Airplanes) and three covers by Mojave 3Low and Steve Earle.  We did two versions of the same Mojave 3 song because we like it that much.  Upon reflection we realized that we may have made the single most depressing piece of holiday music we've ever encountered.  But gee, is it pretty!


That's right!  You can stream it or even download it and keep it for your very own all for free.  Here it is, the Grey Holiday EP.

We hope you enjoy listening!  If you're traveling this holiday season, travel safe.  We'll see you in the New Year!

T shirts for sale / Free show tonight

Just in Time for the Holidays

Kevin being a sexy model.
Kevin being a sexy model.

Our gorgeous Jezebel Stationery-designed T shirts are now for sale online, available to ship anywhere, and they come with a free download of our new album Spilling Blood.  Order here and you can get them in time to make your loved ones the happiest lucky ducks this whole holiday season.

And we're playing some holiday covers at a free show tonight at The Grand Victory, where you can also purchase T shirts in-person and save on shipping.  Eric wasn't able to make it so we thought we'd hastily throw together an alternative set for anyone that hasn't left town for Thanksgiving.  You can RSVP on Facebook here and see the detailed listing on the venue site here.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to everyone, let's start this holiday season off right!

New Album / Release Party / New Website

New Album Spilling Blood available now

If it seems like we've been announcing a forthcoming album that's "just around the corner" every few months for the last several years it's because we have.  I think initial studio sessions for what became Spilling Blood started nearly three years ago, and these projects always seem like they're almost done at nearly every step of the process.  In the end it's good news that it took so long— we kept scrapping what we had in favor of newer, better songs, and we held out over and over again to perfect things that were important to us so we could give you something we're truly proud of.  I'm confident in saying this is our best studio output to date, and I think listening will bear that out.

We recorded Spilling Blood at long-standing staple of NYC's Lower East Side Eastside Sound.  It was engineered and mixed by our own Eric Elterman and mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk.  Full credits (and album art details) can be found here.

As much as we'd love to we aren't doing a physical release of Spilling Blood at this time.  If all goes as planned it will come out on vinyl someday, but that's expensive and we have NYC rent to pay.  In the meantime look to the right sidebar of this email or purchase from the links at the bottom of this page.

That said, we will be giving away lots of free downloads to our friends and fans, and there are more ways than I can count to get a free copy.  Everyone on this email list will get a free download very soon, for instance.  As will all of our Twitter followers.  By purchasing a download you are not just getting music you could listen to free otherwise; you're supporting the band, and we do need support to keep doing what we're doing.  Making a purchase through Bandcamp is the biggest financial help to us.  And if you must listen to us for free, please do so through Spotify— each listen gives us one thousandth of a penny!

Spilling Blood release party

We'll be celebrating our new album in style with friendsAppomattoxThe Archive and Monuments at NYC's The Bowery Electric this Saturday, October 13th.  Everyone that pays to get in gets a free download code on a 4.75" x 4.75" copy of the album art and credits.  We'll also have brand new T shirts for sale— gorgeous high-quality apparel designed by Jezebel Stationery.  These shirts will not be available for sale anywhere else until the following week.

RSVP via Facebook.  Buy tickets here.

New website and newsletter format

We have a brand new home on the Internet, and you're on it right this second.  Pretty, huh?

We also have a new newsletter format.  You should subscribe to our newsletter here.

Why?  There's more ways now than ever to connect with an audience, and we understand that it's easier to "Like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter than it is to receive our newsletter.  If you sign up for emails, we'll make extra special content that will only be available to you, our email subscribers.  You'll be the first to get offers on new Oceanographer stuff.  We'll also send you videos and streams made specifically for you.

A Taste of the New Record

Here's a three-song trailer (tracks two through four: Lightning, Finally Here, Spilling Blood) of our new album Spilling Blood, which we just had mastered at Masterdisk by Scott Hull.   Why is it three songs, all in one file?  Just to be difficult.

So yes, we finally finished this record.  We're working on cover art, and as soon as that's hammered out it will be available as a pre-release download while we shop it to labels, play it for our girlfriends and in general decide what direction we're going to go with this thing.

In further news, you may have noticed that the site doesn't look as good as it used to.  All the sidebar navigation has switched places with the top navigation bar, and neither of them look right in their new homes.  We haven't changed anything on our end and we're not sure why that happened.  In fact in older browsers it still looks right.

Anyway, I'm in the process of building a new site with a different content management service, so we're all just going to have to deal with this for the time being.  When the new site's up it'll include new music, new photos, new videos and new everything.

For now, enjoy the excerpt of our next record!

FREE SHOW TONIGHT at The Grand Victory

Sorry for the long radio silence.  It's entirely my fault.  We have so much news to share with you, but I have to get ready for tonight's show, so it will have to wait.

Tonight we're playing a show with Autumn Bells, Slow Country and Wilderlands at The Grand Victory, 245 Grand St between Roebling and Driggs in beautiful Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I'll quote in entirety The Grand Victory's post about tonight's show:

  • 10:30 PM— Oceanographer is a Brooklyn five-piece featuring our own bartender, Jeremy, on guitar and main vocals.  Metromix New York had this to say about them:  “Deftly bridging the gap between the lovely French electronic movements of Air and the touching classic American soft rock of a Gerry Rafferty or Michael Murphey—all the while including the subtle rancor found within the products of such otherwise grandiose bands as Coldplay and U2—Oceanographer arises from the BK indie pile as a singular, wonderful delight.  Led by the sad, steady vocals of Jeremy Yocum, this group can easily aim for levels of midlevel major success, and if the right ears find them… well, let’s just say Oceanographer could very well end up a band you’ll want to be able to brag that you saw back when they were only playing the little stages in town.”  Listen here.
  • 9:30 PM— Autumn Bells is a newer band, fronted by ex-Hula drummer Alex Beard and featuring some of NYC’s best indie veterans.  Autumn Bells would like you remain quiet as they play, please, or else you’ll miss the gorgeous subtlety of what they’re doing.  There’s only drums when they’re absolutely needed, and if a song doesn’t need to reach a climax then it doesn’t need to reach a climax.  There’s a meloncholic country twang injected into Beard’s previous band’s reinterpretation of Bedhead.  There’s no Autumn Bells site up yet, but you can listen to one of their tracks at their previous website, from when they were called The Bottoms of our Hearts.  Just click here and it should start playing.
  • 8:30 PM— Chase King is one of the singers and songwriters in Brooklyn’s Slow Country, one of our favorite NYC bands.  He’ll be playing tonight backed by a few of Slow Country’s members.  This is a place where Mojave 3 meets The Clientele, and all vocals are languid and verbed-out.  Perfect for a drive through the countryside on a rainy day when the last thing you want to think about is your destination.  Listen here.

  • 7:30 PM— Jeff Malinowski (of Basement band, Ghost Gamblers and other projects too numerous to list here) will be joining his wife Amal Bouhabib, also of Ghost Gamblers, to unveil their newest project Wilderlands.  While still minimal Americana folk, their music lacks the melancholia of the rest of tonight’s acts, instead tugging at the heart with a gentle contentment paired to a slight yearning for sunny fields and fresh lemonade.  Philip Sterk will be joining them on pedal steel.  They don’t quite have a site up yet, but you can hear an acoustic porch-front performance in Maine on the video here.


So please, if you live in the New York City area, come see us!  If not, stay posted, as we'll be unveiling some big things in the coming days.

See you tonight!


— Jeremy